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Need QuickBooks Help For Less – Month-End-Marathon-Madness

Need QuickBooks Help For Less? Check-out Month-End-Marathon-Madness is a limited time offer to small business owners. You can get KAW Solutions bookkeeping services from our team of QuickBooks Pro Advisors, Bookkeepers, and Accountants, for a fraction of the normal cost. Read more below or visit our booking site reserve your spot right now.

Kim Wolfe, Founding Owner & QuickBooks Pro Advisor Need QuickBooks Help For Less - Month-End-Marathon-Madness

We hear it all the time, “I know I need to get my books under control. It would save me so much time at the end of the year, not to mention saving me money with my tax account but…”. The end of that sentence usually boils down to one of three things. Either, cost concerns, finding time to get it started, or embarrassment about the current condition of the books.

We’ve literally seen it all when it comes to small business bookkeeping!

Never be embarrassed about your books! If they are in disarray, it probably means you’ve been very busy running your actual business. At KAW Solutions, we exist to focus on your books. We do this so you can focus on your business. That’s why we run “Need QuickBooks Help For Less – Month-End-Marathon-Madness”. We almost always have some catch-up and organization to do. Its just what we expect when we help a client for the first time. Because we love what we do, it is never a problem. As you will see a little later in this post, it is also not going to require much of your time. To correct your books and get your financial reporting back on track will also take very little of you effort. We only need a little of your time on the front-end and we’ll jump on the heavy lifting.

Lowest priced professional bookkeeping available.

For a moment, lets set aside the significant amount of money that can be saved by having your books in order by taking advantage of our Need QuickBooks Help For Less – Month-End-Marathon-Madness offer. This will likely make your tax accountant very happy  because this type of preparation will allow you to hand him/her a complete tax preparation package for your business. Let’s focus on the hard costs of monthly bookkeeping. You might be quite surprised to find that our average small business clients spend less than $10 per day on our bookkeeping services. BUT you can save even more by using the link on this page. If we complete your report in less than five hours, we’ll use the additional time to bring your books current!

Don’t have time to setup monthly bookkeeping.

Whenever we start to consider setting up a new service, particularly one that deals with something as sensitive as our business and finances, most of us are a little apprehensive. Normally, if that apprehension isn’t caused by the two issues above, it is likely related to the concerns, “How long will getting this setup take and how much of my time and attention will be taken away from my business in during that period?”

We have some very good news for you here too. If you are already using QuickBooks there is no setup time at all. Even if you are not using QuickBooks, most businesses can be setup and brought current within just a few hours and your investment of time will likely be a single phone call or meeting either way. In addition, we have a few additional tricks and tips to help save you time and money.

Need to talk to us live before you commit? No problem!

Please use our contact us page. We will follow-up with you in the next 8 business hours to get your questions answered and help you get started.